Bonsai Series

IKEA serving plate, Chopsticks, Toothpicks, Sawdust
30x 15.3 x 19 cm

It is a small sculpture made of ready-made objects from the kitchen. Man, Cities, and Countries around the world remain a social distance to protect people against the circulating virus. Social distancing now seems a kind of public health strategy but it is also political strategy as well in concept. We, in my city, are trying hard to drift ourselves out from the epidemic area, it is safe to land on a small island far away from the Mainland for a better living.

Lucy and the disinfectants

This bonsai is a cultural landscape reflecting the status of living of now but with a changeable landscape, which the craving oil sludge can be requested for change twice.

(If anyone wants to change the scenery of the bonsai, they need to contact the artist. There are two chances for the changes. The artist will change the sludge’s landscape according to the moment of life. The last sculpture will be craved with a durable material, which can not be changed anymore.)

This is a small corner scenery at home to present an anti-epidemic living landscape in 2020, comprising with a dyed disinfectant wipe and hand sanitizer.

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