Residency at Switzerland,Tenna

I had participated in The Alps Art Academy (28th of June – 7th of July 2018), an international summer academy in the Swiss Alps dedicated to the theme of Land and Environmental Art. With a changing thematic focus the academy takes place every two years at the Berghotel Alpenblick, 1650 metres above sea level in Tenna, Safiental (GR).

Hiking.Sightseeing. Relaxing. Learning from nature. Sharing with participants. Visiting locals’ homes. Symposium. Art making.

Artwork Making

Coffee or Tea? Water please, Tenna
Clay (From DIG hole), Cups (From villagers), Wood, Sawdust,Rope
44 x 44 x 100cm
44 x 44 x 100cm
46.751133, 9.341988 

All we drink the same water here, Tenna. What I can smell the soil is absorbing water quietly. What I can see the animals are drinking at the trough. And what I can taste a cup of hot coffee. In my work, I have collected the cups from villagers which they use daily. Then molding the cups into the mud I made, with the soil and sawdust which collected from Tenna. Waiting for the rain here. Then a village will grow.


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