Situating Installation

Wildness in Pawn 
Weeds, Leon light, Scaffold, Water pipe, Dimension variable
Private Collection

Weeds should not be raised. Here, we are all coming to be weeds that are shoveled, kept, and killed for no reason. Sometimes, You have to exchange and mortgage your dignity of human personality for the living.  This Weeds Pawn allows a last restrictive rebelliousness. If there is no conscious awareness of saving them/yourself, the weeds are dying.

野草不應該被養。在香港,我們都是被剷、被悉心養死的野草。你需要交換抵押。 沒有自覺的出現,這裡的野草將會逐步枯死。

Freezing  moment
Plastic wraps, Carton boxes, LED lights

An installation under a project of Dusk Rat Run which is a one-night flash mob art happening, transforming the maze-liked back alley network in Kwun Tong industrial area into an experimental art platform.  The happening aims to discover the back alleys and explore their potentials and possibilities, which extends to that of other public spaces in Hong Kong.

The work is woven with industrial plastic wraps and carton boxes in between Kwun Tong back alleys to create a network of people and goods. Every movement through the work becomes a performance of resistance against the regulation of public space.


Don't be shy to make a fart
Balloon, Wood, Newspaper, Headphone, Soundtrack
Dimension variable

Let the balloons fly if you can’t catch it. Yelling is resulted to come wheyou hold it tightThere are lot of norms and distortionaround us every day. We can only make noisis to fart until the balloons blast, there will be resulted in the celebration of freedom with the falling pieces onews.

若然氣球捉不住,它可以飄走。捉住的氣球,它只可以大叫 生活很多點點的規範與扭曲,讓人只剩下放屁的發聲能力。氣球在被夾至扭曲後爆破,掉下零碎的頭條新聞慶祝自由。

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